Traveling Physio Project

Hi guys! Nice to meet you!!

It's the first time to write my blog in English.

Today, I introduce my project!

Before that, I have to introduce myself!




My name is Keita Yamamoto.

I am a Japanese physical therapist.

I worked at a hospital for 5 years.

Also, I have been participating in volunteer work in Vietnam since 2015.




My Project

I will start traveling around the world starting in May to see overseas therapists.

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It has taken appointments with about 15 overseas therapists.



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On the journey, I do these things!



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This route is just a plan, so I may change the route.

Please tell me about your countries!



It is still tough for me to write the blog in English, but  I'd like overseas friends and therapists to know about my project.

I will sometimes write in English on my blog. Please check back often!


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