I will summarize what to do now

Long time no see.

Nothing write vigor about one month had to stand without. Lol

It is a little unreasonable unlikely because up the blog every day for me is not a bean personality.

This is one month, but there was a lot.

Friend, teacher of the university, or ask to hear about my plan to the company management who acquaintances, or decided that receive in July the IELTS, together towards the company to proceed with this project and with the or a meeting It was with something flopping.

In order to organize their head today, I think let's summarize what you have to do from now on.

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First one eye, English!

Specifically, you must take the overall 6.0 in IELTS to receive in mid-July.

By the way, that the overall 6.0 is the much quasi-primary and referred to in the Eiken.

For me the English Kenjun primary two years ago fell twice, I feel much more difficult is more of IELTS.

Also it has set a number of foreign universities the English score required at the time of enrollment in the overall l6.0, you can also enroll in the 6.0 course of Academic English for Graduate Admission of the University of Alberta that I is aiming.

In the current situation, Reading 6.0, Listening 5.5, Writing 6.0, Speaking 5.0 and OA6.0 is a little difficulty likely to feel. (Writing, Spealing evaluation is my English teacher GTJ)

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Two eyes, creating websites!

Because we have received the story of want to put my activities on the HP corporate partnering than September of this year, it must be somehow difficult to HP to understand the habit of too much this simple before it!

Also eventually for do I need to disseminate information in English, you must also create a HP of the English version.

Yesterday, various doing I tried, but listening to Akasaki's synchronization to be familiar with, such as HP created, it could not be edited, such as I think even with his knowledge.

He says, was the story of "than it is difficult to tamper with the freedom to design as I think of the WordPress Yamamoto-kun?".

If it is absolutely not enough time, wonder if even one of the hand to ask the skill in the art. (... But for 100,000 yen or more)

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Last, improve the quality of planning!

It is honest and still even now, by carrying out this project, really be able to help in the rehabilitation of Japan and the world? There is a question.

In order to get help to a lot of people even a little, more and more understanding of the activities and research 25 therapists who visit, we believe that should be a high-quality coverage.

At the same time, I or interviewed, by or working in the field, is a step that is involved, such as a plus also for coverage destination of therapists who are exploring whether can not be something.

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To say that begin the journey around the world was a dream from next year in such a feeling, backpacker preparedness that or "Na I want to go here" is not able to anything! Lol

You have impatient Truly though after more than half a year, but we are doing one by one.

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First IELTS! Iro wait!

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